A Day Escape; Gardens by the Bay


Third visit to Singapore, yet it’s my first time to be here for business–previously always for leisure. I was participated an exhibition for my cushion brand, Talky Pillow. After four busy days at Suntec City Mall (where the event was held), I extend a day for a walk to enjoy and observe about this world’s most expensive city with the highest cost of living.

Singapore as one of developed country, it certainly is easy to explore because of their shopisticated state structure as well as their public transportation which very convenient, affordable and easy to understand. To use public transportation you just need to have EZ LINK, a smart card that you can buy in every MRT Stations, Bus Interchanges, or 7-Eleven stores in Singapore.

When tourists prefer to take a taxi, I intended to live like a local and for that I learned to use public transportation to go wherever I need to go. A local friend recommended me to use gothere.sg (a site about transportation guide with practical instructions) we just need to type our current location and our destination, then the site will guide us to take the nearest bus or MRT stations including the bus number or train line.

Amidst the high-speed people who are mostly productive and move so fast in this country, sometimes tends to force us unconsciously to follow the hurry situation. Moreover, some people who travel as a tourist usually go to many places in a day just to checked their list. Instead, I tried to move slowly and observe things, small things around; spend time to read a book at the stations while waiting for the bus/train or read some more in the park while lying on the green grass and breathe the air of new place.

Unfortunately, most people who lives here chose to be busy compete, rush things and probably forgot to enjoy the beauty of small things around them. Well, imho, life isn't always about accomplishment; it is important to sit down and catch a breath.

The Umpteenth Time, in Yogyakarta


It has been a countless time for me to visit Yogyakarta, but never get bored with that city of art. There are always new things to do and new places to visit. As always, it is not just about the place but also the new experiences and travel companions could create a different story.

This journey is not entirely about leisure because it's actually a business trip. It has become a habit of me to slipped the leisure time in the middle of the work thingy. It is the way I am, and I think that's how I breathe.

Since a year ago, I involved as a freelance layout-designer for events of Love Bonito Indonesia, a women's fashion online label based in Singapore. Several months earlier, they decided to participate in some events around big cities in Java, and this is the reasons that brought me back to Yogyakarta, few months ago. Along with three people of the team from Surabaya, we planned the trip in between our time-off. The travel destinations that we visited were recorded and edited by myself, become an amateur video––it is my first time to make travlog on my own, so it must be a lot of shortcomings, but please enjoy the video below and let me know the feedback so I can improve in the future :)

A Mystical Tana Toraja

I know it's been two months since the last post and I am still struggle to manage time to post. I was busy going to places and trying to enjoy the moment, without any distraction from social media or any devices. Anyway, in this post I am about to share one of my unpublished trip to Tana Toraja. I've been waiting for quite long to go there and I finally made it this year, because my impulsive decisions when my dad offered me to join him to Makassar. I was asking him is it possible for me to go to Toraja while he's working. As usual, I said to him that I've planned everything (which I haven't, lol) just to make sure he won't worry and off we go to Tana Toraja, woohoo!

At first, I was planning to take the midnight bus with my usual backpacking plan when I get there, yet apparently my mom join me then my dad's colleague prepare everything for us (the car, driver, hotel, local guide, like literally everything). Well, you know, this is a proof that good things happens when you least expect :)

And here we are. It takes around 10 hours drive from Makassar to Tana Toraja, you can also take the bus but you have to stick with the bus schedule. We only here for a night but it's enough time to explore Tana Toraja which the total area is only around three thousand kilometers square. Not much places to explore, because the actual reason for me to visit this place is to get to know more about its funeral rites. Torajans are known for their elaborate funeral rites, burial sites carved into rocky cliffs, massive peaked-roof traditional houses known as tongkonan, and colorful wood carvings. Toraja funeral rites are important social events, usually attended by hundreds of people and lasting for several days. We depart from Makassar in the afternoon and arrive at Toraja in the midnight. In the next day, we wake up early to explore the burial sites, such as: Kete Kesu, Londa, and Lemo.

In Toraja, funeral ritual is one of the most important and expensive events for these communities and some Torajans save money their entire lives for a decent burial. “You can make an excuse for a wedding, but you have to come to a funeral” they said.

Everything's all set and our local guide is very informative, but Tana Toraja is kinda creepy place for me, I could feel that the places are mystical and they have many rules about funeral and everything but overall, it's beautiful experience for me to know about their strange culture. I would love to go there again some time to witness the Ma'nene ritual, a cleaning of the Corpses' festival where skeletons are dug up, dressed and paraded in streets. Sound creepy but it's a real thing, tho.

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