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"I have always liked quiet people.
You never know if they're simply dancing in a daydream
or if they're carrying the weight of the world"

Hidden Paradise of Makassar: Rammang-Rammang


I've been committed to myself to consistently write and post, yet since I haven't go anywhere new so I'm about to post some of my unpublished travel experience and this is one of them. 

Couple of months ago I went to Makassar with my mom and dad, because why not? 
My dad has a work to do there and it's been a while since my mom's last holiday so I asked her to join me. Back in the day at Makassar, we didn't have so much time to go somewhere far, so one of my dad's student recommend and drive us all to the magical village called rammang-rammang. It's only an hour away from the city which located in the north of Makassar, Maros district - South Sulawesi. Apparently, it was the same place as the place that I want to visit which known as Salenrang village. What a surprise!

Here in rammang-rammang, they have Maros Pangkep Karst (the mountain which surround the village) is claimed as the second largest karst mountain in the world after South China Karst in Yunnan. Yet, we have to take a boat to discover the village and once you get there you'll be amaze. It literally a place you have to visit if you go to Makassar, I guess.

Anyway, thanks to my dad's student who made us a video about the whole trip below. Enjoy!

A well-spent afternoon


When you get so tired and need an escape but you can't go anywhere, yet.
That is definitely the feeling I had weeks ago, because I need to stay in town during Ramadhan for some reasons. Until came an idea to go somewhere refreshing that my friends and I can go and back to town in the same day, so Malang it is.

We had a well spent afternoon at Djati Lounge. It is located in Araya Regency, close enough from Malang downtown. We really enjoy the calm ambience with very nice golf-yard view and also the delicious meals. 

After hours well spent I felt refreshed, will be back to this place another time.

Djati Lounge | Jl. Greenwood Golf Utama Mansion Cluster Greenwood Kota Araya, Malang
Reservation : 0341 3039888 / 0815 3039 888 |

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