Green Bay, Red Beach and In Between


Before you think where is this. No, this isn't Bali. It's Banyuwangi.
As you can see, Banyuwangi have a lot of  beautiful places and hidden gems to offer. For all that places, I have my personal favourite that I always want to revisit which especially in this post I'll talk more about my fav beaches in Banyuwangi. There are two beaches that I like the most. Here we go!

1. Green Bay
The virgin beach located in the area of Meru Betiri National Park, which quiet far from the city. It takes around 3 hours driving and once arrived in the last stop / parking area, we still need to trek a little more to get there.

Going to this paradise isn't an easy one but you'll amazed with the view once you arrived. It's literally a hidden gems. I personally love everything about this place, about the white sands, crystal clear water, windy weather and everything in between.

To get here, we need to walk from the last stop (parking lot). A little trekking and passing the rocky path for about one kilometer. When you finally found a rock beach, it's not the place yet. Walk a little more, it's near already.

You'll find such a hidden paradise of Java that give you butterflies. Definitely the right place to those who lives in Java and dream about beautiful beach. You don't have to fly further, instead visit this place which will be worth to try.

I remember myself barely can stop running and sometimes day-dreaming, seeing my toes blending with the salty water and white sands. Oh, how nature always make me feel. Don't want to go home but it's getting late so we have to go back, sadly. 

On the way back home, thank God we don't have to take the trekking anymore because there are fishing boats that will bring us back to the land through a short-cut, which actually the waves are creepy, yet I can't help but stare to the beautiful view around the sea.

2. Red Beach
If you happen to visit Green Bay, then you just need 30 minutes to go to Red Beach. When arrived, we can directly see the beach from parking lot. Actually this place isn't my fav place in mid-day, yet it's my fav place to catch the sunset. It really is a relaxing view to enjoy after our long day in Green Bay.

Those two are my favourite place to go when in Banyuwangi. If any of you have you favourite beaches anywhere, kindly comment below, I'd like to know! because I'd pick beach any day.

Mandatory Cultural Visit


There are times that makes me realize every time I go abroad, about Indonesia and its very rich culture that hard to find in other countries. Banyuwangi, as one of the region that still conserve their culture, always impressed me with the local people who always greet us with cultural performance.

If you happen to visit Banyuwangi and want to experience the cultural events, I suggest you to come to Kemiren Village. There will be Osing Tribe who will greet you friendly and happily to show you by singing and dancing their culture as well as serve their typical food.

After visiting Kemiren Village, we visited Pendopo in Blambangan, which mandatory to visit as well. People said that it was allowed for important person and special guest only, but now the public may come in and some of public events are held there.

We are all invited to walk around inside the guest area and surprisingly it has modern design which really nice (far from the kind of cultural building that I imagined), they also have gardens which is super fresh and green.

The Pendopo has a large area to explore but there are some sacred area that prohibited to capture. Always watch your step and ask around before you take photos.

Perfect Weather in Tabuhan Island


A wish to get back to this beautiful place was granted faster than I imagine. Second time to Tabuhan Island along with the fellow bloggers who invited to Pesona Banyuwangi trip - Wonderful Indonesia by Indonesia's Ministry of Tourism. I can see myself being more adaptable than last year, and in this post let me tell you more about the destination.

Once arrived in Banyuwangi, we went to Bangsring beach first to rent a boat and snorkeling equipment before crossing to the Island. It takes a few minutes crossing by fishing boat. I always enjoy that moment, when the wind feels so strong and the water calmly meets my hand. Such a nice meeting with nature.

That day, the island was less-crowded and the weather was really nice. A good time to enjoy the weather while reading some books. As far as I can observe, the island was as beautiful as I remember but a little bit more dirty, so please everyone (especially Indonesian) let's keep our environment clean, bring your own trash don't leave it behind (at least) because the future of our mother-nature and of course Indonesia's tourism sustainability are depends on us :)

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