A Day Escape; Gardens by the Bay


Third visit to Singapore, yet it’s my first time to be here for business–previously always for leisure. I was participated an exhibition for my cushion brand, Talky Pillow. After four busy days at Suntec City Mall (where the event was held), I extend a day for a walk to enjoy and observe about this world’s most expensive city with the highest cost of living.

Singapore as one of developed country, it certainly is easy to explore because of their shopisticated state structure as well as their public transportation which very convenient, affordable and easy to understand. To use public transportation you just need to have EZ LINK, a smart card that you can buy in every MRT Stations, Bus Interchanges, or 7-Eleven stores in Singapore.

When tourists prefer to take a taxi, I intended to live like a local and for that I learned to use public transportation to go wherever I need to go. A local friend recommended me to use gothere.sg (a site about transportation guide with practical instructions) we just need to type our current location and our destination, then the site will guide us to take the nearest bus or MRT stations including the bus number or train line.

Amidst the high-speed people who are mostly productive and move so fast in this country, sometimes tends to force us unconsciously to follow the hurry situation. Moreover, some people who travel as a tourist usually go to many places in a day just to checked their list. Instead, I tried to move slowly and observe things, small things around; spend time to read a book at the stations while waiting for the bus/train or read some more in the park while lying on the green grass and breathe the air of new place.

Unfortunately, most people who lives here chose to be busy compete, rush things and probably forgot to enjoy the beauty of small things around them. Well, imho, life isn't always about accomplishment; it is important to sit down and catch a breath.

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