The Umpteenth Time, in Yogyakarta


It has been a countless time for me to visit Yogyakarta, but never get bored with that city of art. There are always new things to do and new places to visit. As always, it is not just about the place but also the new experiences and travel companions could create a different story.

This journey is not entirely about leisure because it's actually a business trip. It has become a habit of me to slipped the leisure time in the middle of the work thingy. It is the way I am, and I think that's how I breathe.

Since a year ago, I involved as a freelance layout-designer for events of Love Bonito Indonesia, a women's fashion online label based in Singapore. Several months earlier, they decided to participate in some events around big cities in Java, and this is the reasons that brought me back to Yogyakarta, few months ago. Along with three people of the team from Surabaya, we planned the trip in between our time-off. The travel destinations that we visited were recorded and edited by myself, become an amateur video––it is my first time to make travlog on my own, so it must be a lot of shortcomings, but please enjoy the video below and let me know the feedback so I can improve in the future :)

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