Nine Hours in Hong Kong


What will you do for nine hours in Hong Kong?

That is actually what I think about when I got an airline ticket with transit schedule in Hong Kong for nine hours before departing to South Korea. I had no plan and no idea about HK at all, unless the disneyland. At first, the main idea that pop-up in my head is to go to Disneyland, but apparently the distance from the airport is quite far and people say that nine hours (basically would be less than that) is not enough to enjoy Disneyland. So, my friend and I decided to explore Kowloon area, the most popular district in HK.

In short, my little research show me that there are two points about HK, the street food and the shopping street. However, I don’t feel to go shopping because I have to go to work and meet some co-workers once I arrived in South Korea, and carrying the shopping bag already would be such a shame, hahaha. So, street food is. 

Once I arrived in HK, I impressed with their super spacious airport. Eventhough many people didn’t speak English, there are helpful signage in English and If we really need to ask someone, we have to find information centre. After passing through immigration easily (Yes, Hong Kong is one of the visa-free country for Indonesian passport), the first thing I did was buying octopus card, a transportation card to use any public transportation in HK, just like EZ Link of Singapore.

By using octopus card and google maps, we are strolling around Kowloon. Trying street food in Mong Kok area, walking around the hype area to visit Monocle and Ted’s Lookout, and also seeing the avenue of stars at Victoria Harbour. Overall, my impression to HK is.. average. Just like another developed country which is super busy and expensive with shopisticated public transportation. Nothing exceptional, but it might be because the image of HK is about shopping paradise which I haven’t experienced plus nine hours is a limited time to explore. I don’t mind to re-visit if I get another chance. To conclude, may this video can show you more about the ambience of Hong Kong. Enjoy!

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