Countless Blessings of 2016


Let me sum up the highlights of the year, from January to December:

Visited a quiet place where I could think about how to start over after a huge lost in 2015, Jeddih. Finally seen the Holiest place on earth, Mecca and Medina with my dearest family. Well spent refreshment by explore Yogyakarta with my little–talkypillow–team. Bali is always a good idea, and I was having a me–time. Went to Tana Toraja, one of my bucket list. Surprisingly seen Rammang-Rammang–the unplanned destination, which actually in the bucket list. Invited to be the part of the selected bloggers for Pesona Banyuwangi, Wonderful Indonesia–such an unbelievable opportunity, which opened my eyes and lead me to focus pursue my dream job. Had a quality time in Malang, while witnessing my best friend's new relationship. Huge honour when I invited to be an inspiring guest speaker by my favourite bookstore, Gramedia. First experience attended an event invitation to sell my talky pillow overseas, in Singapore. Another invitation I attended in South Korea. First featured as a travel blogger in one of the most popular newspaper in Indonesia, Kompas.

Somehow, sometimes I feel like I have lost a lot of battles this year. There were days when all I wanted to do was sink to the bottom of the ocean but someone's hand always pulled me ashore and helped me breathe once more. And after all the moment above I reflect, so I can see myself was made a progress in ongoing journey. In the end of the year, I feel that all the honors and opportunities that given are priceless. So for that, I write this year-end reflection to always remind myself to believe that the way out of every problem is up.

Thank you to the past and welcome to the future. Happy New Year 2017, everyone!

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