South Korea chapter I : Incheon to Daegu


Just got back from hiatus and finally make time to write about my second time visit South Korea, when I got an opportunity to represent Other Rag Enterprise (again) to attend an invitation from Daegu Fashion Fair. A South Korean fashion tradeshow especially in the city of Daegu. I went with Claudia Hana aka. Odi as my partner in this business trip. I could say that, if Seoul is more like Jakarta; and Busan is more like Surabaya; then Daegu is more like Yogyakarta–it’s a quiet city which is known as the city of Textiles. Heading to Daegu can be reach by train and by bus. Using KTX (the fastest train in South Korea) is the most efficient way to go there. It takes about three and a half hours from Incheon to Daegu. The KTX ticket itself can directly buy in Incheon Airport.

Basically, Odi and I was in charge as a buyer from Indonesia, we are curating the most suitable brands for Indonesian market by attending the floor show and also the exhibition.

I don’t have much time to explore the city because of the tight schedule of the event, but honestly I had much good times than last year. Since I already know some Korean from the organizer, I also met new friends from Japan and Germany who also among the buyers. We’ve spent time together after the event, either to dinner or just simply hanging out. The night after cocktail party and dinner, we went to karaoke–it was totally multi-language experience. Imagine.. you are in Korea when listening an english song (such as Let it go the ost. Frozen) sung in Japanese language, it was confusing but also interesting at the same time LOL! I remember myself couldn’t stop laughing and trying to follow the situation by sing the song in english (?) I know, super weird, right? Another awkward moment is when we lost-in-translation situation in taxi. While the korean driver trying to talk to us with korean language eventhough he knows we don’t understand what he say, he keeps talking anyway, meanwhile the japanese friends beside me also talking each other in japanese language that I don’t understand at all. I suddenly feel dizzy, you know.

Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera in our last night in Daegu. We were invited to try the korean-style sauna that I often watch in korean dramas, LOL super exiciting! Yet, I found myself speechless once I got there, the sauna place which looks quiet from the outside but chaos from the inside. I’ve seen many Ajumma naked, like literally naked, walking around casually. My God. Barely can say anything, just keep walking to the locker without seeing around. No, it’s not the sauna area, it’s on the ladies floor where I found them naked. When in sauna area, everyone have to wear the sauna clothes that are provided by the sauna, but if you want to take a shower in the ladies floor, that’s a different story.

So, the sauna area consists of a lot of room divided by different temperature, you can choose the most suitable for your needs. And the ladies floor, which located in different floor with sauna area, is a place where you can take a shower naked. Nobody use towel to cover their body, and the general shower are open space which more like cubicles so maybe that’s why.. but Odi and I decided to take a bath in the hotel once we get back (you know why). The cost to entrance the sauna is only around 80,000-120,000 IDR which depends on how long you will stay, because actually you can stay there for a night or two if you want. There are mattress in a warm room and a bathroom–quiet cheap for backpackers, huh?

To sum up, Daegu was so much fun and I conclude them in a video above. Do wait for my next post about Busan and Seoul, okay?

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