South Korea chapter II : Daegu to Busan


In case some people wonder, how I write a post even when it's been months since the trip ended. Well, re-watching video footages that I took during the trip, pretty much made feels like yesterday.

Back in October, after the business trip in Daegu I extended my schedule in South Korea to visit Busan and Seoul. It's autumn and for me that's the best season to travel, cold enough but not too cold.

My friend and I chose to take the bus from Daegu to Busan, since it's way cheaper than the KTX train. A bit longer but I think it's still good. Korean bus drivers are so good, they drove well, comfortable and we arrived on schedule.

Compared to Seoul, actually Busan is more quiet and peaceful. I could see the beach across main street, plenty of seafood, flea market, street food, street musician, street magician (I know, lol). Busan’s hotel and food price are also cheaper than in Seoul.

It was good days I spent in Busan, I could walk and see around peacefully with no rush. If you go to Busan, I recommend you to visit Gukje Market, the biggest market area in town. You can find anything, like literally anything (from foods to clothes, flowers to souvenirs and so on)

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