South Korea chapter III : Busan to Seoul


As the last destination before going back home, Seoul made us feel too happy we didn't want to go home. Due to the tight schedule and work and whatever it is, we didn't have much time to stay here, but I can say that my second time here in Seoul was one of my best time I've ever had.

Nothing beats a vacation with supportive and super flexible friends, because with them we can always try random things, change direction whenever we need to, as well as laugh to ourself while we lost and just enjoy every minute of it. In other hand, what I missed about Seoul is the minimal and instagramable buildings, expensive but super delish barbecue, the cheap cosmetics and cute socks, fashionable oppa(s) that we met along the way, and every beautiful spot in the city that we love to capture every single time we found it.

Posting this one because I miss my gurl so bad, let's have a vacaaay!

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