Messed, but Okay: Ho Chi Minh City


The first time arrived in Tan Son Nhat International Airport, it feels like I just got out from a time machine that back to Indonesia in five years ago. But, surprisingly it was easier to get online taxi than in our country (especially at the airport). My first Vietnam driver arrived in the arrival hall for only two minutes since we ordered to pick us up.

Feelin' lucky that my friend and I chose to stay at AirBnb because we met a very friendly and informative host back there, I will write more about this separately in my next post. We have stayed in two different places (in District 1 and 7) to feel the difference ambience in each area. District one is actually tourist area which more crowded than other districts including district seven. There are pros and cons in each area, in my opinion, like if you want to travel like a tourist, feel the crowd and everything–it would be easier if you choose district one, but if you want to travel like a local and enjoy the quiet environment with the local people–other districts are better option including district seven, besides, things are way cheaper and you'll have time to notice the real Vietnamese around you.

Walking in Vietnam is a terrible option, even in pedestrian itself you have to be careful. Many vietnam riders and drivers are totally insane (worse than Jakarta) they won't stop the pedal even in traffic light, they're such a hurry, like everyone are lack of patient. Total mess, really.

Hard to find halal food here in Vietnam because the major religion here is Buddha, Moslem is just a minority–which most of them are Malaysian. There is a place that called like Moslem Area near to the traditional market that could be a good place to find halal food but if you can't find it, I suggest you to just look for vegan restaurant or vegan food that kinda easier to find here.

Have I told you that this city literally such a mess? But still, there must be something you love from a new place and the thing I love the most about Vietnam is that the currency is way cheaper than Indonesia, I feels rich to be here LOL. We can bring rupiahs and exchange it here with more vietnamdong. I also loves Pho–their most popular beef soup, Banh Mi–apparently a delish sandwich I've ever tasted and the best Vietnam street coffee that you can find anywhere in this city. At least if you came here, you have to taste those as well.

Not much places to explore in this city, since this is kind of the old city, most you can visit temple and museum. Maybe it will be different if we visit Hanoi, there will be more interesting with nature places to explore.

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