Mandatory Cultural Visit


There are times that makes me realize every time I go abroad, about Indonesia and its very rich culture that hard to find in other countries. Banyuwangi, as one of the region that still conserve their culture, always impressed me with the local people who always greet us with cultural performance.

If you happen to visit Banyuwangi and want to experience the cultural events, I suggest you to come to Kemiren Village. There will be Osing Tribe who will greet you friendly and happily to show you by singing and dancing their culture as well as serve their typical food.

After visiting Kemiren Village, we visited Pendopo in Blambangan, which mandatory to visit as well. People said that it was allowed for important person and special guest only, but now the public may come in and some of public events are held there.

We are all invited to walk around inside the guest area and surprisingly it has modern design which really nice (far from the kind of cultural building that I imagined), they also have gardens which is super fresh and green.

The Pendopo has a large area to explore but there are some sacred area that prohibited to capture. Always watch your step and ask around before you take photos.

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