Sunday Studios, Ho Chi Minh City


As I mentioned in my previous post, staying at Air Bnb is a preference accommodation for me, lately. Aside it relatively cheaper than a hotel (compared to all facilities that offered) as well as, since I am part of generation that shares everything, who certainly willing to buy experience more than just a necessity. Each home that we can find in Air Bnb have different style, we can choose which one is the most suitable and match with our personal taste.

When I scroll the app with Ho chi minh city as a keyword, I found this place named Sunday Studios that I fall for in the first place. A bit sad to know that they were full booked for almost the entire month including on the date I'll arrive, there is only one night available on my last night in Ho chi minh–which I instantly booked. Yes instantly, because I want to experience the vibes of that place, that much. So, my friend and I stayed in other place for the first two night and then move to this place on our last night in Ho chi minh city, and it's totally worth it.

Headed to this place by online taxi and it's very easy, since the host give us a guideline and else. There's a cafe on the first floor of the building, named Vietcetera that already detected on the maps or online taxi application so we don't have to explain it to the driver who speaks vietnamese (literally lost in translation back there). Then when we arrived, the hosts greeted us directly and they're super friendly–Tom and Ngoc. They also give us a lot of recommendation about vegan restaurant around, since he might saw me wearing hijab, he must guessed that we're moslem.

We chose the most spacious room includes a private balcony, named 'wanderlust' room (they have a few rooms in one building) with affordable price. It's super clean and comfortable–way much better than three stars hotel, and most importantly, as you can see it's just simply represent my kind of style about a place. 

If you happen to visit Ho chi minh city, I highly recommend this place for you to stay–surely it won't disappoint you. And if someday I have to come to this city, I'd really like to stay here again and again. 

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